"There was once a man in a blue box, who spent his entire life trying to help people.

 But he made bad decisions sometimes, and because of that, there were many planets destroyed.

┬áBut now, he’s trying harder than ever to try and save the universe he cares about, one planet at a time.”

"He gains friends along the way, but he seems to lose them all eventually."

"But he always gets new ones to replace the ones he lost. Time Lords get lonely too, you know.

But he had one companion (that’s what he calls his friends) that he loved very much. Her name was Rose.”

"Rose was a bit of a bint."

"Despite that, Rose and The Doctor had many amazing adventures.

But (long story short) Rose gets stuck in an alternate universe, without the Doctor.

But don’t worry. She gets a mortal Doctor clone to live with, eventually.

But after 10 turns into 11, Doctor gets very frustrated with the beings on earth, and says he’s through saving them (that’s not true, though).

He even gets “married”, to River Song (the daughter, and best friend, of two of his companions, Amy and Rory).

Now you’re probably wondering what the end of this story is.


I’m not sure.

Because the end hasn’t happened yet.

And there won’t be a “happily ever after” for this, no.

There’s too much heartbreak for that.”